Kids Highlights - Jumpstart Academy

Interactively coordinate proactive commerce via process-centric outside the box thinking.


At Jumpstart Kids, we specialize in introducing kids to innovation, entrepreneurship and design thinking using our own specially designed resources and help from startup ecosystem players.

Our program is developed for 8-year-olds right through to 12 years with fun activities designed to give each child a new perspective on their surroundings, encourage creativity while catering for all types of learners.

We allow kidtrepreneurs to explore entrepreneurship, Google Design Thinking, Financial Literacy, Social Enterprises and more through a range of experiences that are highly interactive and loads of fun.

Your child will sing, craft, write, read and play their way to developing new skills, confidence and creativity.

Each class your child will be introduced to a new segment of our special curriculum, to stimulate their learning experience, and build upon the foundations from previous lessons.

Small class sizes ensure that each child is given individual teacher assistance­­­­­.

For the last 2 years, Jumpstart has worked to connect kids with innovation and entrepreneurship, inspiring them through fun activities, working with educators and entrepreneurs, and helping parents find new ways to engage their children.

“We learned a lot about crowdfunding, I’d never even heard of crowdfunding before, but now I know a lot about it. Next Chapter is a cool idea and I might go on it.”

Pascale, 2017 Kidtrepreneur

“I like ORII because they had this design thinking workshop where multiple people develop one idea and combine to make it an even better idea.”

Gus 2017 Kidtrepreneur, age 11

“I like Nanoleaf because they let us play with the lights and it was really cool. It’s the next generation of lighting!”

Pars, 2017 Kidentrepreneur, age 8

We hope that our non-traditional curriculum will provide a memorable and fun experience for the kids and also encourage them to take risks in their future entrepreneurial endeavors. All the profit generated from this program was donated to charity!

James Kwan, Managing Director of Jumpstart Media