Biohacking Your Performance

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Biohacking our Performance

This class is designed for busy professionals, industry disruptors and life hackers who want to optimize their work-life integration lifestyle and maintain laser sharp focus.

Loss of focus and mental fatigue have become common symptoms in the post Covid-19 world but these problems need your attention before an eventual Burn-Out. This 90-minute session will be dedicated to hacking back our performance to combat the post-covid “brain fog”, decision fatigue and difficulty to focus.

Through various activities and sharing we will explore ways to unleash our limitless Mind & Body. These activities will provide a basic understanding of hormones, neuroscience and their impact on our brain. We will then introduce basic frameworks and routines to tame stress and enhance performance.

After this workshop you will

Have a better understanding of how simple lifestyle choices can have a positive impact on cognitive performance & vitality.
Acquire routines & “hacks” that came be implemented immediately to start mastering our own mood swings.
Promote a new sense of self awareness on stress management via biological pathways.


Due to the surge of Covid-19 cases, classes have been postponed until further notice. Pre-register to get notified when the classes resume. Also receive a $150 discount on your class!
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    Your Instructor

    Cavan Chan

    Cavan is a passionate International Coaching Federation ACC coach & National Association of Sports and Medicine certified trainer with a keen interest in optimizing his mind & body performance through various psychological and physiological Bio-Hacking routines. With an always-curious & life-long learning mindset, he is in constant pursuit of knowledge and refines his crafts (currently, he is pursuing to be a health coach from Functional Medicine Coaching Academy).

    Combining the mind & body wellness management & leadership development, Cavan intents to empower everyone to take on being enduring leaders so they can touch, move, inspire others to live balanced and purposeful lives.