How to Startup: 30 Days From Idea To Implementation

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How to Startup: 30 Days From Idea To Implementation

This workshop is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, those currently involved in a startup, and anybody looking to understand the tools and principles required to develop and implement business strategies.

Have an idea for The Next Big Thing? Always wanted to start your own thing, but not sure what the right steps are? Join us for an interactive session that covers the key steps in getting your ideas off the ground — and what requirements you need for success down the road.

After this workshop you will

After this lesson, you will be aware of all the important aspects to cover when building a startup, and the critical aspects of successful businesses. We'll be looking at case studies and examining how they achieved success down the road with good planning and strategic positioning. Additionally, you will be familiar with the business fundamentals to grow out your business including research & analysis, financial modeling, operations, marketing and customer acquisition. The session will encourage critical thinking and address startup principles such as Lean Startup methodology, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the importance of understanding your customer early on.


Due to the surge of Covid-19 cases, classes have been postponed until further notice. Pre-register to get notified when the classes resume. Also receive a 38% discount on your class!
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    Nio Liyanage

    Formerly at Apple with deep experience in Venture Capital and Management Consulting, Nio specialises in growing technology startups through hands-on involvement in strategy, growth, market expansion and capital-raising. He personally holds equity in 10+ ventures, has advised 200+ startups, led 15+ accelerator programs, conducted 150+ workshops, and has guided dozens of companies to profitability, scale and market dominance. He is now the Founder and Managing Partner of STARTUPRIGHT.